Every Hand Together Creates Solutions

Welcome to the ARISE Adaptive Design program! Here you will find information about our path in establishing an interdisciplinary, community-based initiative to ensure that people with disabilities have the equipment they need to live vibrant, full lives.

ARISE Adaptive Design is a volunteer collective of people with all types of abilities, their families and friends, clinicians, designers and makers.  People with disabilities and their families are equal members of their design teams. Together we identify solutions to provide access and full participation in a wide range of activities and settings.  Our design solutions are driven by the unique needs and interests of the design user. Families have long been great innovators in creating design solutions.  Family-centered co-design takes families’ ingenuity one step further. We bring together design teams that include people with a variety of personal and professional skills and perspectives.  This approach builds on families’ skill sets and enables larger community sharing by exposing clinicians, designers, and makers to collaboration.

Building together for one changes everything!